Have you ever wondered and thought?

  • Why do so many black people not have money?

  • What is wrong with black people and money?

  • Where are black people going wrong when it comes to money?


This book will help you understand why black people so often don’t have money and how to change this situation - which has continued for so long, almost centuries upon centuries.

Busi Selesho is an International Accredited Money Coach, Financial Wellness Coach and CEO of Isipho Sempilo HSE Solutions. She specializes in teaching Money Consciousness. She helps her clients open their money flow in an energy level so they can access opportunities that will get them the money they want to have. She has used the same processes in her life to create 7 streams of income.

She will teach you

  • How to increase your income or start new income stream

  • How to have a better relationship with money

  • How to get the job you want or promotion

  • How to be able to pay your debts quicker without use of your salary

  • How to set and achieve your financial goals

  • How to learn new skills and improve your value



In a coaching session, she helps her clients with their money story, which is how you perceive Money and how money was first introduced to you. She helps her clients to clear negative thoughts around their money story. She helps her clients set goals with a process that helps to easily follow through and achieve their goals in the mist of all pressures and failures. She helps her clients prepare to start new businesses that are successful, she helps her clients gets the jobs they want and love, with the money they deserve.

"Money is not everything, but Money buys you freedom. Freedom is everything" - Busi

She has worked with women, young professional and executive on financial wellness issues and debt, coaching them on emotional intelligence at work, career coaching on how to grow in their careers while they learn to enjoy their jobs and do better in their professional lives. How to handle stress, self-confidence and winning at the workplace.



Busi Selesho is a Graduate of the GIBS - Goldman Sachs-GIBS 10,000 Women Certificate Programme for Women Entrepreneurs and a Participant in the US Embassy Fortune 500 mentorship programme. She is adventurous, love the outdoors, enjoys learning and taking on new challenges. She is passionate about self-development of young people, teaching them how to win. She coaches interns and junior safety officers to advance their careers for her community programmes.

She won the Best Speaker of the year 2015/2016 at Toastmasters International. She speaks in conferences and empowerment event on different topic including:

  • How to have a better relationship with Money

  • How to get of the Debt trap, and Get you Money Vibration fixed

  • How Workplace Wellness impacts a business future in the competitive world



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Judge of the 13th Annual Top Women Awards.


Winner of Best New Entrepreneur Award.

Winner of Best New and Innovative Business Award.


Best Speaker of the year



Read the testimonies of the many people Busi has helped in their finances.
Hover over the text to pause and absorb.

“It has only been a week since I joined the group and it has been raining money in my account. Wrote the letter to money yesterday and got my mind on (manifestation box)Saturday . This morning I woke up with R13100 extra in my bank account. Thank you universe. I love you money . My mind is my gift from the universe”
“I’d like to share my week with you guys. So on Monday I was broke had no money just a bit of petrol. I’ve been doing my 68seconds…the gym showers has been my favorite space to do this. Monday I got a call from a client who has been keeping me hanging for few weeks…she confirmed that she would need my services on Saturday and today she paid the full amount in advance. I have another client on Sunday. I’m a makeup artist both these clients have booked me for the entire bridal party not just the bride 💵. I sell hair products the guys I’m distributing for, decided to give me more than what we agreed on. Then yesterday I got a booking for a bride in 2 weeks, the money has been paid. A bride for next Saturday, paid me on Tuesday this was a few minutes after I had received a call from one of the debts I have. I have a few deliveries to make this week for the hair products I sell. For the past few days I’ve been writing 5 things that I’m grateful for each day. I have also been paying the money game Busi suggested a while ago. I also wrote my first gratitude letter to the universe. I just need to make a copy and post it. Today my car decided to act up, But the money came in right on time and I’ll be able to do all my apps for tomorrow. Basically ladies what Busi teaches is works, if you are willing to do the work. Remove all anxiety and just enjoy the exercises. What I want now is to have money for every month not just weekly.”
“Hello everyone, I hope you all are well because God is Great. I would love to thank Busi Selesho for making me realize my real purpose and vision in my life. After I spoken to her about my emotional feeling about a matter and what she suggested to me, I did 68 seconds meditation of pure thoughts, just what makes me feel happy in life. And guess what the results were unbelievable, I totally took myself away from the outcome and just did what my purpose was, if I can see the results so quick then what will it be if I do this on regular basis????? 😍It just didn’t ended there, I actually received positive follow up calls in the day 💃🏼. Thank you dear friend 💐 it was worth meeting you on Saturday at Money Breakfast 💰”
“I attended the money breakfast back in May. I expected something else, like tips and tricks on how to make money. Where to invest, how to invest and with whom. That was not what I got. Instead I got what is unconventional wisdom! The tips and tricks of attracting money had a lot to do with unlearning the ingrained miseducation of decades running through my veins. Thinking differently about money. It all starts with my thought. Who would have guessed… The exercises require consistency for one to see the shifts happening. The continuing advice and links posted in this group by Busi Selesho are invaluable. I have closed my Edgars account now and am truly a cash girl… It was the only account I had and was fearful of closing because “”what if I need something and don’t have cash!?”. This was just miseducation… I am so much lighter and only spend what I Have to spend without having to pay ridiculous amounts of interest…”
“I look and read Busi SeleshoSelesho’s insight about money and I feel overwhelmed with so much joy within me because I know one of our own has mastered the laws of creating money and she is willing to pass on the knowledge, I take this group as a journey to a debt free and fulfilling life so everyday I take whatever I can to learn more about money and myself and I must say I am glad it brings so much change in my life, I no longer repel money but I know money is energy and we must allow it to flow in and out of our lives and share the wisdom and knowledge one day and one step at a time. Busi Thank You for everything and keep blessing young women as myself and soon our country will will be led by women who respects money.”
“Finding Busi, I can’t even remember how I came to follow her, has been one of the most enlightening experiences of my year this far. Joining the money group was initially about “getting more money”. I soon realised that what I was learning transcended this and seeped into other areas of my life. The tools that I have gained from being a part of the group and attending the breakfasts have helped me make important shifts in my mind and in my life. I’ve been able to attract things/opportunities into my life that seemed impossible at a time. I’m still learning, unlearning and growing, but I can say with certainty that this group has contributed so much to this process ❤ Thank you!”
“Good morning Busi 🤗 hehe so much has happened in the last few months that I have to share. So you’ll recall that when I met you I was in that state of confusion, not really sure what I wanted, but I knew I wanted change. So I embarked on this journey with you and I am so grateful for the impact that your wisdom has had on my life. So basically I moved from having no interviews/opportunities to getting AND turning down an offer 😁. I then got a 20% increase at work (this was insane). By then I already knew that my destiny lay somewhere else but I was and still am grateful for the extra money. I was in talks with another company for about 3 months and I had my last meeting with the CEO on Friday. Mind you I’ve been waiting on this opportunity throughout the time that I went for interviews for that other offer I turned down, I was even thinking about this opportunity whilst I was on holiday in Europe. So fast forward to Friday, I met the CEO and a few hours later I got my offer. The money is less than what I’m getting now (with the 20% increase) but I can’t tell you how happy I am. My heart and mind agree with this opportunity. You want to hear the best part… I never applied for this, I was approached by the recruiting agent and I said yes and then that’s how the process started. What keeps coming to my mind is the saying “what is meant for you will never miss you and what misses you was never for you”. I believe with all my heart that I was able to attract this opportunity after shifting my thinking through the work that we’ve been doing in the Creating Money course. Like I said the last time, the impact of the work we’ve done goes beyond just money but into my life in total. I’m now trying to find out and read as much as possible about what you’ve shared with us. I’m meeting like minded people and it’s so amazing to see how life is unfolding. So I wanted to say thank you for starting me on this journey. I really can’t wait to see how it continues to unfold. All my love and heartfelt gratitude”
“Hi Busi, so something else that has happened in the last month that I have to share. After reading a post in the group I decided I wanted to try something. I took my credit card out of my purse and left it at home everyday for the last month. It has been such an empowering experience. I’ve always used it as a crutch and had it “just in case”. For the first time in more than 5 years I managed to get through the month without needing to use it. I’m excited about learning to use what I actually have and living comfortably within my means 😁 😁. I’ll let you know how it goes”


Take control of your finances!

Learn how to get out of debt vibration. How to pay off your debt without using your salary. Busi's Money Masterclass is designed to teach you ow to have a better relationship with money and increase your money set point. In our past event we learned so much about ways of getting out of debt, we were discussing how to get out of personal debt. In this workshop we will be learning about debt, what are the underlining factors to debt, why is it so hard to get out of debt. How we can get rid of the debt forever.

Visit and like Busi on facebook to keep up to date with when the event will be near you! Its fun, its fundamental and its free! 


Are you ready to make a change for the better? Get in touch with Busi!

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